ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

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Financing and raising capital for development from public and private sources

- Private financing


In most cases, small and micro enterprises do not have the money required to effectively exploit their innovative ideas or expand their activities and are obliged to seek cash injections from external sources. Money is also a major problem when establishing a start-up company to commercialise innovative ideas or research results. In most cases, without some form of cash/capital injection, growth will fail.

Thus, this seminar offers a comprehensive overview of the possibilities presented to such enterprises through private financing. The participants are introduced to the concept of private financing and its aspects, before engaging in an in-depth analysis of the available financing means open to them.

The main aim is to adopt a critical view, and as such, strong reference will be made to the particularities of each financing option, as well as the pros and cons that enable or limit the investment scope of the entrepreneur. Emphasis is given on the necessary tools that assist the entrepreneur during the negotiation phase and how can the Small and micro enterprises exploit most those financing means.

Case studies are presented during the seminar to assist with the understanding of each and all financing options. The case studies refer to recent European or National level examples, examine all the steps of the financing procedure and special reference is made to the lessons learnt by the company. Furthermore, the speakers and the participants enact in a dynamic practical exercise where first hand experience is obtained on the various procedures involved in acquiring investment funds.

By the end of the seminar, the participants are equipped with useful knowledge which will be very important in their attempt to attract investors. Getting an investor to invest in an idea is not an easy task, and as such the skills which are acquired through the seminar are considered as means to increase individual competitiveness among business and moreover there potential for innovation and growth.


The seminar was organised in Athens on February 1-2, 2007 entitled: "Private Financing & Public Funding for small and micro enterprises - the tools for business growth and technological development"
Click here to download the agenda of the seminar [PDF, in Greek].

- Public funding


The growing importance of public funding at European, national and regional level has recently been underlined by the European Commission that strongly recommends the improvement of possibilities of accession to public fundings for every enterprise with the aim of implementing competitiveness throughout activities of technology transfer in order to exchange expertise, know-how and innovative technology.

With particular reference to Small and micro Enterprises (SmEs), a continuous and effective collaboration between enterprises and public Institutions is the key strategy that raises needs and capacities.

Therefore the objective of this seminar “How public funding meets the needs of Micro and Small Enterprises” will be that of providing SmEs knowledge on the existing public funding schemes, the best practices, the tools and the sources of information offered to support competitiveness of SmEs. In particular the specific actions for SmEs in the 7th European Framework Programme on Research and Technology Development (2007-2013) and Competitive Innovation Programme (CIP) will be presented.

ISOPTT: Increasing the
SMEs Own Potential for
Transnational Technology