ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

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Clustering of companies active in similar sectors as a practice for enhancing and exploiting the existing potential


Clustering is recognised as a leveraging practice for exploiting the innovation potential that exists fragmented between companies active in the same or similar domain. Clustering training will aim to promote the clustering concept, create the clustering “culture” and also address practical issues. The overview of the seminar’s content is as follows:
  • Demonstrate and prove the benefits of clustering to SmEs (such as coordination of activities, setting common targets and strategies, joint promotion of existing capabilities to international partners, identify complementarities and synergies, increasing sector’s growth and visibility by joining forces). Clustering has a twofold influence on business’s – it will be made clear that clustering is of paramount importance for companies both for enhancing their Technology Transfer skills as well as for boosting a number of other business oriented tasks such as market knowledge exchanges.
  • Presentation of best practices from national and international invited speakers. Members of already operating clusters (from various fields of market operation) will be invited to present their experience and how clustering has helped them improve their potential for technology transfer and wider growth in practice.
  • Practical issues such as cluster funding, establishment and operation behind developing successful clusters will also be addressed. The participants will have the opportunity to adapt practices for establishing a dynamic character within existing clusters, as well as accumulate information on realising new clusters to suite their own needs. Last but not least, the participants will be presented with a list of operating clusters in their regions and according to their field of operation.


Objectives of the ISOPTT project (isoptt partner) with focus on Cluster topic.

Cluster – part 1 (external speaker)
- Definition of cluster types and how clusters work
- Overview of clusters in the region
- Benefits of clusters for SME
- How to join a cluster

Cluster – part 2 (SME speaker)
- Success story of an SME in a cluster (1-2 cases)
- Short presentation of invited cluster-manager of the region
- Conclusions / Discussion
- Feedback / filling in of questionnaire
- Time for bilateral talks

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ISOPTT: Increasing the
SMEs Own Potential for
Transnational Technology