ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

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Success Cases: Public funding

Vivai Tor San Lorenzo

This case history is a clear example of how APRE manages the subject of public fundings; in fact, it is a success story, where a small enterprise has learned more about EU funding and consequently has been able to participate in European projects incrementing its competitiveness.

A few days before the deadline of the FP6 2003 SME1 call, APRE was contacted by an Italian Micro enterprise, named Vivai Tor San Lorenzo, working in the field of plants research, in order to get assistance in checking their proposal, since they were not aware of European funding, procedures for the participation in European projects and modalities on how to write successful proposals.

APRE’s consultancy has been quite relevant for the success of the proposal presented by Vivai Tor San Lorenzo; after having read the proposal, called "PRE-FORM", APRE provided some useful suggestions as follows:
  1. a better definition of purposes and activities;
  2. reference to IPR matter;
  3. a better description of the scientific part;
  4. an accurated view of the workplan;
  5. a better layout.
After APRE’s assistance the enterprise submitted the proposal which was well evaluated but unfortunately not financed at first stage; however, Mr Ciccarese, first researcher of Vivai Tor San Lorenzo and responsible for the projects, decided to submit the proposal once again in the second call with a new acronym “PRE-FOREST” considering the suggestions of European evaluators.

This time the project was well evaluated and financed too. After the starting of the negotiation phase, APRE was newly contacted in order to give further assistance on administrative and contractual aspects, in particular for the financial and scientific parts.

As regards to the first part, APRE has provided assistance on how to fulfil the forms, timesheets, activity plans and budget distribution, whilst, concerning the scientific part, APRE was able to give advices on checking workpackages, their duration and content.

In Mr Ciccarese own words: "I’m absolutely satisfied with the assistance provided by APRE: first of all for the complete availability of APRE’s staff in giving assistance through face to face meetings and by phone and secondly also for the excellent advices on administrative and contractual issues. I underline that the assistance was provided before the submission of the proposal and also during its negotiation, giving us a concrete help. Not to be forgotten the advices provided on all the financial aspects of the projects that have given us the chance to understand better the system of European funding. Moreover I consider fundamental to highlight the excellent team work that was established between us and APRE".

This case history clearly shows how APRE’s services are particularly addressed to Small and Micro Enterprises (SmEs) in order to introduce them to the world of European fundings, thanks to which SmEs are able to achieve their own innovation projects.

ISOPTT: Increasing the
SMEs Own Potential for
Transnational Technology