ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

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Information retrieval (Business / Technology Watch)


Competitive Intelligence is today viewed as a crucial competitive tool for most businesses.
Most companies collect information about markets and competitors in some (ad hoc) fashion. This, however, is not enough in most cases, since important changes and trends often take place outside of the traditional search areas.

The conclusion is: A strategic, systematic, continuous and proactive gathering and analysis of competitive intelligence is a necessary undertaking to retain and strengthen a company’s competitive power.

Competitive intelligence (CI) aims to create a relevant foundation for a company’s decision making as well as creating an image of the future by gathering and processing external information. The seminar focus’s on creating and raising awareness in companies of the need for CI, as well as providing insights in the fundamentals of the CI process.

Emphasis is also given to the importance of viewing CI as a strategic process that is strongly intertwined with the long-term goal and vision of the company.

Comparative results are analysed within and across firm types. Analysis is given to the comparative scope, methodologies, and viewpoints of current corporate CI practices. It has been indicated, for example, that larger firms are often more likely than smaller firms to practice formal competitive intelligence.

The seminar provides practical guidelines as well as the pros and cons of using the Internet as a source for data. Furthermore, the benefits of using the IRC services as an integral part of a company’s CI process will be highlighted.

As a result of attending the seminar, the participant will be able to plan and implement simple and straightforward information gathering and analysis processes that will provide Competitive Intelligence and thus strengthen the firm’s competitiveness.


• Background, why do we need Competitive Intelligence?
• What do we mean by Competitive Intelligence?
• Data, information and intelligence
• The process of gathering and refining information
• Means and methods for information retrieval
• Commercial information services
• Internet sources
• Other sources
• IRC as a component in Competitive Intelligence
• Strategies for successful intelligence gathering and analysis

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ISOPTT: Increasing the
SMEs Own Potential for
Transnational Technology