ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

ISOPTT: Increasing the SMEs Own Potential for Transnational Technology Transfer

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What is ISOPTT?

ISOPTT is a project that enables and facilitates small and micro enterprises to perform effective technology transfer and establish national and international partnerships.


Small and micro enterprises are dynamic and flexible business units with high potential for growth. ISOPTT aims at improving their capacity to engage in efficient Transnational Technology Transfer (TTT) activities. This is realised by transferring knowledge related to technology transfer focused on a particular set of skills. Those are:
  • Clustering
  • IPR
  • Financing
  • Globalisation
  • Information Retrieval
Those skills play a key role for technological collaboration and can be adopted and customised according to small and micro enterprises different business environments, operational specificities and resources.

The benefit for the enterprises involved in the project will be new opportunities for:  
  • Adoption of new technologies
  • Expansion of activities
  • Use of unexploited technology
  • Formation of new partnerships
  • Access to new markets
  • Financial growth


In order to improve the technology transfer potential of small and micro enterprises, specific knowledge is directly transferred to their executives through the following activities:

a) Capacity building seminars
A set of five specialised seminars, each one addressing a fundamental topic of technological collaboration (Clustering, IPR, Financing, Globalisation, Information Retrieval) featuring:
  • high profile expert speakers
  • full day sessions
  • comprehensive agenda
  • interactive presentations
  • practical examples
The attendance of the full series of the seminars offers the companies’ executives the opportunity to obtain global and integrated skills on specialised aspects of transnational collaboration. However, the seminars can also be attended individually.

b) Continuous mentoring and support
The enterprises will implement and further foster the knowledge acquired during the seminars. One member of our staff will become your individual advisor in the topic of your interest for the duration of the project. The executives will receive customised support by ISOPTT in order to prove self-sufficient in the Technology Transfer process.

Participation in the activities of ISOPTT (Seminars, Continuous Mentoring and Support) is free of charge for all small and micro enterprises.


The same set of activities and services are provided to small and micro enterprises for the same period in 6 european countries. 

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ISOPTT: Increasing the
SMEs Own Potential for
Transnational Technology